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James Comey Is Writing a Book

NYT reports, James Comey is officially writing a book. Though it won’t be a traditional tell-all, it will include details about his time in public service, the guiding principles that have shaped his life, and, yes, his experiences during the 4 months he worked under Donald Trump. It will also ...

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If North Korea Attacked

A successful May test of the United States long-range missile interceptor program, designed to destroy a possible North Korean missile before it could hit the United States, was called a “critical milestone” by then-Missile Defense Director Vice Adm. Jim Syring. But since then North Korea has tested a missile that ...

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Here’s Who’s Affected By President Trump’s Travel Ban

President Trump new criteria for visa applicants are going into effect tonight now that the Supreme Court has allowed some of his travel ban to move forward, according to AP. Here is your guide to navigating the new protocols: Who’s affected: New visa applicants from 6 countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, ...

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