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Facebook Messenger Gets Extra Shot

Following last year’s big push to bring chat bots to its Messenger app, Facebook unveiled new capabilities and improvements on Tues at its annual developer conference in California.

“We got a-lot of attention for opening our platform and right after we got a-lot of attention for all of the work we still need to do.”

—David Marcus Messenger Chief

What It’s New: Chat extensions for adding bots to group conversations, bots for playing games, QR codes for information, a Discover tab with a curated selection of popular bots & new tools to help businesses build their own bots. There is already add a Spotify chat extension for sharing music links in group chats, with Apple Music coming soon.

By The Numbers:

  • 2 billion messages sent monthly between businesses and users.
  • 65 million businesses active on Facebook, and more than 20 million respond to Messenger messages.
  • 1 Lakes developers using Messenger’s tools.
  • 1 Lakes Messenger bots.

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