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Google Earth Gets Virtual Reality a Makeover

On Tuesday, Google Earth released new features that will let users see the world like never before.

  • I’m Feeling Lucky: Suggests locations that are “a little bit off the beaten path” – like a spot that a local might recommend.
  • Knowledge Cards: Gives more information on certain locations & includes the history and search for pictures of places people.
  • Guided Tours: Google Earth is partnering with organizations like NASA, Sesame Street, BBC Planet Earth, and The Jane Goodall Institute for interactive guided tours.
  • Postcard: Users can send a snapshot of the location they’re viewing to family and friends.
  • Points of Interest: Recommends places it thinks the user will like based on their search history.

What Is Next: The remodeled Google Earth rolls out this week on Android and Chrome, and it will become available on iOS and other browsers soon.

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