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President Trump Is Missing Nominees For 39 Science Positions

Donald Trump has filled far fewer science & technology government positions than Presidents Bush and Obama had when they were a little over four months into their respective terms, per the Washington Post. Currently, 85% of these positions in President Trump’s government are unfilled.

Why It Matters: Donald Trump is proposing budget cuts of 31% to the EPA and 18% to the National Institute of Health. But as his administration handles environmental and other science-related issues, there are few field experts in advisory positions. Last month, President Trump made the decision to leave the Paris Accord without these key science positions filled.

The numbers: Donald Trump has thus far announced nominees for seven of 46 science jobs requiring Senate confirmation, compared to President Bush’s 12 and Obama’s 25. One unfilled position, the Post reports, is that of the presidential advisor who would brief Donald Trump on all science and tech matters as they relate to policy. Barack Obama had filled this position by June of his first term.

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