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Royce And Shakira In New Music Video For “Deja Vu”

Prince Royce just released his music video for “Deja Vu” with Shakira.

It’s Shak’s dancing with a partner that had us glued to the video, I mean is there any kind of dance that they can’t do? The answer is no.

The 40-year-old singer plays a dancer, with leg warmers and all, who locks eyes with the 27-year-old bachata singer.

Prince Royce recently told E! News, “I had always wanted to work with Shakira. I sent her music for her to record for her album not even as a collab.” He continued before adding, “I can only say that now that I know her, I applaud her even more than before.”

The two singers have been teasing the music video for several weeks, Shakira shared a clip on Instagram of herself with a dance partner while on set. We have got to say & she nailed the steps!

The “Back It Up” singer explained that he felt that this particular track was the right fit for both of them to collaborate and he was surprised and excited when she quickly responded and said yes. He said, “She is very professional, detail-oriented and really cares, so we worked very closely on ‘Deja Vu.'”

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