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Google Earth Gets Virtual Reality a Makeover

On Tuesday, Google Earth released new features that will let users see the world like never before. I’m Feeling Lucky: Suggests locations that are “a little bit off the beaten path” – like a spot that a local might recommend. Knowledge Cards: Gives more information on certain locations & includes ...

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Mark Zuckerberg Unveils New Augmented Reality Tools

In San Jose, California, Facebook unveiled its Camera Effects Platform, a set of augmented reality tools for outside developers, on Tuesday at its annual F8 developer conference. “We are going to make the camera the first mainstream augmented reality platform.” — Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook The features: The initial ...

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Uber Said Used Secret Software To Track Lyft Drivers

From 2014-2016, Uber reportedly had a secret program, named “Hell,” to spoof Lyft accounts and track its main America competitor’s drivers, according to The Information. How It’s Worked: In addition to using fake passenger accounts to see driver locations, Uber noticed that it could track each driver’s habits, and even ...

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Octopuses Defy The Genetic Usual

Octopuses is some of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. They can open jars, escape fish tanks, are expert tool-makers, and are skilled in camouflage thanks to their ability to change in both texture and color. A scientists team led by Joshua Rosenthal at the Marine Biological Laboratory and Eli ...

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