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U.S. President Signs “Hire American, Buy American” Order

President Trump just signed his “Hire American, Buy American” Executive Order in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after visiting Snap-On Tools. What is the meaning?

Hire American: H-1B visas are currently doled out in a lottery system, but this order calls for a change to a merit system so that companies do not bypass U.S. workers for cheaper labor from guest workers. The administration can not lower the number of visas awarded — for now.

Buy American: This will call on the government to prioritize buying American-made products and minimize waivers and also exceptions to Buy American laws. Starting today the number of waivers awarded will shrink, according to a briefing from 2 senior administration officials.

On The Trip With Him To Wisconsin: Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Keith Schiller, Steve Bannon, Sarah Sanders, and Kenosha native Reince Priebus.

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