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Uber Said Used Secret Software To Track Lyft Drivers

From 2014-2016, Uber reportedly had a secret program, named “Hell,” to spoof Lyft accounts and track its main America competitor’s drivers, according to The Information.

How It’s Worked: In addition to using fake passenger accounts to see driver locations, Uber noticed that it could track each driver’s habits, and even figure out which ones were driving for both services by matching their locations. Uber then targeted these dual drivers with additional promotions to get them to shift more time to Uber, and routed rides to keep them busy & not picking up Lyft passengers.

The Repercussions: According to the report, if true, Uber’s tactics could have legal consequences. For one, they would be violating Lyft’s terms of service, which prohibit impersonating people or entities. They could also constitute fraud, misappropriate of trade secrets & violations of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Deja vu: Uber lately made headlines when it was discovered it used software to evade local law enforcement. It has since discontinued the practice.

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